For the   sake   of


(a Letter to The European Parliament)

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Political clarity

Jean-François Maquiné

Normal | Detailled

It's our duty to do something

The asymmetrical war

Socrates, the scientific thinking and the end of shamanism

The medical loop: the State healthcare's autoimmune disease

Beauty, excellence, and transcendence

Knowledge shapes what you think

The fallen heroes

Responsibilities vs Rights

The ideologically possessed

The plague of beta-males

Men test ideas, women test men

The MGTOW variable

The women's womb archetype

The primary purpose of education. A vital addition

The educative doctrine of 'laisser-faire'

Evergreen college: explaining the collapse of civilization

The origin of social engineering and the future of civilization

What does it take to think?

Crime against logic

Intellectual rigor

The meaning and practice of having intellectual rigor

Artificial intelligence

The fatal flaw of democracy

Why a zero-sum society does imply power conflicts?

The political part of Karl Popper's falsification method and collectivists' nemesis

The Achilles' heel of individual-centered society and their economy

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