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(a Letter to The European Parliament)

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For the sake of civilization

By Jean-François Maquiné

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1 - Why did I write this letter?

When the civilized part in us rebels


A journey into dark places

A visit to a concentration camp

2 - The war on knowledge

The Marxist war on natural causes

Marxism vs theory of evolution

Marxism vs Game theory

Marxism vs Distribution laws

A case study: Linking equity, social construction, equality and evolution

The war on School

Narcissistic personality

When the conclusion provides de reasoning

Learning by heart is brainwashing. Really?

Critical thinking does not mean what you think

The Nature of knowledge

A human experience

Basic scientific reasoning remainder

The 'treason of the intellectuals' by Julien Benda

3 - Denying Evolution

What does evolution say that so many reject?

Do not forbid to ask questions

There is a scientific definition for races

I.Q and Sex differences

Some observations

The definition of race does not matter. You don't need it.

Evolution, the second scientific revolution


Causes of the denial

The blank slate

You cannot fix life!

Collectivism: the weaponization of empathy

'Catch-42', the collectivist fallacy

Cognitive dissonance

Consequences of the denial


The abolition of the patriarchy

The Uselessness of men

The lack of a moral code

The lack of a moral code: The case of the skeptic community

4 - Lysenkoism: when ideologies drive science

Facing our monsters

Can we fight Lysenkoism?

The root of Lysenkoism

The attack on education

Why should we fight Lysenkoism?

The new Lysenko

How to fight Lysenkoism?

Science as a fast-food of ideas is a recipe for disaster

5 - The dehumanization process: causes and examples

The root of mass dehumanization

When the elite let down the people

The betrayal of the intellectuals

The loss of the meaning of sacrifice

The denial of a unique reality is to dehumanize those who endorse it

The cost of justice

In Memory of Lieutenant-Colonel Arnaud Beltrame

The 'useless' people. When not being human is the new human

Intersectionality: a ranking tribal system for mass dehumanization

The victimhood mentality and strategy

When relativists denied the existence of the extermination camps

The hypermnesia of Nazism

Shadow banning, 21st century's Gulag


6 - The language as reality: Essentialism

For the sake of civilization

Defining essentialism

Three differences between essentialism and the scientific method

To kill a ghost-in-the-machine

Six consequences of essentialism

Free speech: essentialism vs reason

The map is not the reality

Historicism, magical thinking and the paradox of essentialism

Empty and bewitching verbiages at work

Essentialism, deconstructionism, and knowledge appropriation

Essentialism and dehumanization

When laws build the framework for a socially constructed society

7 - Genocide and the trolley problem

A psychological experiment named: The trolley problem

The trolley problem and communist famines

The victimhood strategy

8 - The last argument: an old tale on intelligence

The Mysterious shares of the Babylonian Talmud

An ancient tale

The solution of the Babylonian Talmud problem

Social organization is a 'chasse gardée' of the humanities

The Talmud moral

From the Babylonian Talmud to the poor black neighborhood

Mistreatment of intellectually gifted children and the equity rule

Babylonian-Talmud and the spirit of knowledge

The lies about knowledge

The love for knowledge: Don't you strive for knowledge?

Our responsibility towards knowledge

The forbidden knowledge

When Bertrand Russell met Lenin (1920)

9 - The last thoughts: on men, their nature and rights

The Rights of the citizen

Human nature

10 - The last words: For the world is hollow...

Excerpt from Star Trek - For the world is hollow

The rapid degradation of the project of human civilization

I - Addendum: Thinking in systems

The feedback loop

From self-organization to hierarchy

Traps generated by a feedback loop

II - Addendum: Nature of collectivism and individualism

The nature of individualism and collectivism are not of the same kind

Are you authoritarian?

What is happening to civilization?

Essentialism or how the collectivists think

Communism, the gentlemen agreement of the elite

Post-modernism, Marxism and to cut things from their properties

III - Addendum: Tribalism

How tribalism happens: From cells to tribes

Step One - Why do we want to be in a group?

Step two - How do groups form

Step three - How and why do groups persist

The two tribes: A clash on what it means to be human

The anomaly in collectivists' tribalism

A new definition of tribalism

IV - Addendum: Essentialism

V - Nine books for the great picture of our times

The blank slate. The modern denial of human nature by Steven Pinker

Explaining Postmodernism. Skepticism and Socialism from Rousseau to Foucault by Stephen Hicks

The road to serfdom by F.A. Hayek.

Why Knowledge Matters. Rescuing our children from failed educational theories by E.D Hirsch

The return of the primitive: the anti-industrial revolution by Ayn Rand

Human diversity, the biology of gender, race, and class by Charles Murray

The fraud of feminism, by Belfort Bax

Apocalypse never. Why environmental alarmism hurts us all, by Michael Shellenberger

The fatal conceit - The errors of socialism by F.A. Hayek (1988)

VI - List of misleading books. On an ideological warfare

The end of history and the last man by Francis Fukuyama.

The second sex by Simone de Beauvoir

The structure of scientific revolutions by Thomas S. Kuhn

The Mismeasure of a man by Stephen Jay Gould

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.

VII - To save the mental heritage of civilization


Books with fundamental knowledge

Books to perfect your knowledge

Annex A: the context of the German YouTuber affair

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