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A letter

The website was designed to share with all people of reason, a letter to the European Parliament I started writing in December 2017, after I was made aware of a dangerous turn of events in one of those endless arguments that happen on the internet. The return among the collectivists of the mindset that validate genocide as a political solution to impose their ideal society because of their impossibility to get it by philosophical and scientific arguments.

Documents related to the letter

The letter turned out to be a more important project than I thought, but I couldn't turn my back on it because the words of the survivors of the German extermination camps and, by extension to those of the Soviet Gulags and Chinese reeducation camps, resonated in me and still are - say something before it's too late! This explains the book size of the letter. When I started to see the end of the project it appears to me that many reasonings I used were built on ideas that weren't explained in the letter. So I wrote "Political clarity'" as an independent document. The letter also includes three addenda "Thinking in systems", "On the nature of collectivism and individualism" and "Tribalism". "Collectivist red lines" and "Proposal", which also belong to the letter, are separate documents. While specific to the website, "Patterns", is mostly related to the letter. It's a program that shows words and ideas in a cloud-style organization, that characterizes on one side the collectivists and on the other side the autonomous individuals, hence the use of the term pattern. Patterns are a powerful tool, which allows me to write "Collectivist red lines".

Beyond the letter...

And then there was a pandemic. When I started to write the letter I was involved in another project, a personal one, the design of a next-generation of civilization. However it was not intended to become public, it was a hobby of mine because I have some interest in politics. The pandemic changed my view. The text "Civilization", is an immediate reaction to the tyrants and the first document, to bridges the letter to my civilization project. Later, I add "SciZen foundations", and "The Big picture" to help people to see more clearly, to understand a) what is going on from a civilized perspective, and b) that another future is possible.

The consequence of the pandemic with the radicalization of our elite toward collectivism forced me to make an emergency publication of my work. Unfortunately, between the documents that I'm still writing and those which I'm wrestling to decide which paragraphs should be kept or scrapped, I can say that I'm not ready, but those times are particular times, so I will publish but bit by bit. I have absolutely no clue how that whole project and its "too soon publishing" will pan out, but that's how it is. I take my responsibilities. What really bothers me is that as a French I had to isolate myself to develop those ideas long before I started the letter (France is in an intellectual idle state since the revolution, hence its intellectual declines. France has become a closed system. Today, they lack many concepts needed to understand and solve our situation, any attempt to introduce them break the taboo of France's intellectual desert), therefore I haven't had the luxury to debate my ideas, but I guess that will change with the publication, and I look forward to it.

A civilization project

Still, there is another motivation for me to publish that work now. I need to have published the letter and the related documents to start the project that I truly care about, the construction of a next-generation civilization. We have to stop trying to show to stupid and insane people, how stupid and insane they are. They don't care, it changes nothing, and while we waste our time they recruit en masse. The discussion is over, we need to show what an alternative civilization is, we have to show how other people behave and live in that alternative path. They need to live that experience. That's one of the secrets I learned a few years ago. No matter how good your project is, words do not translate necessarily into life experience. That's very important for us, we the civilized, because we do not sell emotions, but solutions. It won't be an easy task to convince you, and let's be honest I will feel the heat but there is one thing that I know that you know, we have to stop thinking and acting according to their terms.

I assume that you have understood by now that what we are going through has not much to do with a left-right debate. It is not even political, or ideological, it is about what it means to be human, it is existential. Having that in mind I have tried to go to the most basic concepts and dynamics that define our very existence, as civilized humans. Why are we what we are today? What is our history, our identity as civilized? Who are the people rebelling against it, those collectivists? What do they propose, and why can it not be the future of human civilization? What went wrong and when? What was right and should be kept? What is missing and be added to our civilization? Those are many of the fundamental questions I will answer. What is unusual in my work, is to have always explained things from the perspective of a solution, and I do not use their language to define what has to be done, but the language of the civilized that I borrowed from great minds who long before us have fought collectivism and its will to return to the primitive tribe. - We humans didn't build our civilization because a monolith appeared on our planet four million years ago. We are no blank slate, but we react to external constraints that have forced us to reshaped our society in order to survive. The key parameter is population increase, we need a better system, we need to move from institutions to processes and self-ordering systems. The other side is concentrated on that parameter too, even if they try to hide it, but their solution is the total control of the population in an alpha/herd hierarchy.

This is the beginning of a journey for me and I hope I would be able to help people as much as I believe in the hundreds of ideas that I have developed in the letter and in the building of a new civilization. I hope to do that journey with other civilization builders.

For I walk the path of civilization without fear.

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